2012 Grant Recipients


Changer la taille de police / Change Font sizeBrain Repair Program

Uncovering the pathological processes underlying neuronal dysfunction and loss in models of Parkinson’s disease
Principal Investigator: David Park, University of Ottawa
AMOUNT: $1,313,653.00

MIRI Team Grants

Brain channelopathies: target validation and novel therapeutic strategies
Principal Investigator: Terry Snutch, University of British Columbia
AMOUNT: $1,425,000.00

Carrier-mediated delivery of therapeutic proteins into the brain
Principal Investigator: Roman Melnyk, The Hospital for Sick Children
AMOUNT: $1,662,500.00

Dissecting acetylcholine/glutamate co-transmission in the striatum: importance of individual neurotransmitter in addiction and movement disorders
Principal Investigator: Salah El Mestikawy, McGill University
AMOUNT: $1,424,634.00

Non-invasive treatment of pediatric neurological disorders using MR-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS)
Principal Investigator: James Drake, The Hospital for Sick Children
AMOUNT: $1,425,000.00

Propagated protein misfolding of SOD1 in ALS: Exemplar for neurodegeneration.
Principal Investigator: Neil Cashman, University of British Columbia
AMOUNT: $1,425,000.00

The W. Garfield Weston Foundation – Brain Canada Foundation MIRI

Epigenetics and mental health: the Canadian neuroepigenetics network
Principal Investigator: Michael Meaney, McGill University
AMOUNT: $1,494,900.00

Neuronal polarity defects as an underlying cause of neurological diseases
Principal Investigator: Michel Cayouette, Institut de Recherches Cliniques de Montréal
AMOUNT: $1,500,000.00

Recruitment of endogenous neural stem cells to promote repair following acquired brain injury
in children

Principal Investigator: Freda Miller, The Hospital for Sick Children
AMOUNT: $1,500,000.00

Restoration of visual function: a cellular reprogramming and bioengineering approach
Principal Investigator: Valerie Wallace, University Health Network
AMOUNT: $1,500,000.00

Validation of ocular measures as potential biomarkers for early detection of brain amyloid and neurodegeneration
Principal Investigator: Sandra Black, Sunnybrook Research Institute
AMOUNT: $1,498,490.00

Bell Mental Health Research Training Awards

Antipsychotic treatment in a genetic subtype of schizophrenia: Novel insights from neuroimaging and pharmacogenetics
Nancy Butcher, University of Toronto
AMOUNT: $97,500.00

CRF receptor-mediated sensitization of 5-HT2A receptor signaling
Cornelia Walther, University of Western Ontario
AMOUNT: $128,362.46

Characterization of the role of LRRTMs in synaptic plasticity and memory formation
Steven Connor, University of British Columbia
AMOUNT: $97,500.00

Season, light exposure and serotonin transporter binding
Andrea Tyrer, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
AMOUNT: $105,000.00

The effects of optogenetically activated orexin/hypocretin neurons on the mesolimbic reward pathway
Corey Baimel, University of British Columbia
AMOUNT: $105,000.00

The role of immune genes in schizophrenia
Jennie Pouget, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
AMOUNT: $105,000.00

The role of translational control in cortical dysgenesis in mammalian brain
Guang Yang, The Hospital for Sick Children
AMOUNT: $165,000.00

Brain Canada - CIBC Brain Cancer Research Training Awards

Drug repurposing in medulloblastoma using integrated functional genomic, epigenomic, and transcriptomic approaches
Deena Gendoo, The Hospital for Sick Children
AMOUNT: $165,000.00

Identification of brain metastasis initiating cells and regulators of brain metastasis from lung cancer
Mohini Singh, McMaster University
AMOUNT: $105,000.00

Nonlinear MR-US registration for image guided neurosurgery of brain tumours
Ian Gerard, McGill University
AMOUNT: $105,000.00

Role of YAP/Hippo and Wnt signaling in human gliomagenesis and glioma tumour-initiating cells
Katherine Rowland, The Hospital for Sick Children
AMOUNT: $165,000.00

The profile and trajectory of brain tumours across the continuum of care in Ontario, Canada: a population based study
Vincy Chan, University of Toronto
AMOUNT: $30,000.00

Validation of cognitive rehabilitation program adapted to the needs of adults with brain cancer and adult survivors of childhood brain cancer
Nadine Richard, University Health Network
AMOUNT: $165,000.00

Wnt signalling circuits in glioma progression
Nishani Rajakulendran, University of Toronto
AMOUNT: $105,000.00

Barbara Turnbull Award for Spinal Cord Research

Stephen Scott, Queen’s University
AMOUNT: $50,000.00

Dr. Hubert van Tol Travel Fellowship

Jean-Francois Trempe, McGill University
AMOUNT: $2,115.00