2015 Grant Recipients

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MIRI Team Grants

Cognitive Outcomes and Response/Remission Efficacy of Convulsive Therapies in Treatment Resistant Depression: The CORRECT-TRD Trial
Daniel Blumberger, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
AMOUNT: $1,387,424.00

Combining neurostimulation technique with tailored interventions for the affected upper extremity: can it promote better recovery in stroke survivors?
Principal Investigator: Marie-Hélène Milot, Université de Sherbrooke
AMOUNT: $321,302.00

Montreal integrated neuropsychiatric cohort: Identifying subtypes of Autism and Schizophrenia integrating genomics, endophenotypes, and cohorts of high-risk genetic variants
Principal Investigator: Sébastien Jacquemont, Sainte-Justine University Hospital Research Centre
AMOUNT: $1,387,500.00

Novel approaches to understand the role of cAMP and co-signaling cascades in synaptic
plasticity and brain disorders

Graham L. Collingridge, LTRI Sinai Health System
AMOUNT: $1,850,000.00

Novel blood and neuroimaging markers of Alzheimer’s disease and cerebral amyloid angiopathy
Principal Investigator: Eric Smith, Alberta Innovates - Health Solutions
AMOUNT: $1,387,500.00

Reshaping mitochondrial efficiency and integrity to treat Parkinson’s disease
Principal Investigator: Ruth Slack, University of Ottawa
AMOUNT: $1,387,500.00

Testing therapeutic approaches to improve cognitive dysfunction in a primate model of Alzheimer’s Disease
Principal Investigator: Douglas P. Munoz, Queen’s University
AMOUNT: $857,062.00

The Aging Brain: Circadian, Transcriptomic, and Epigenomic Dimensions
Principal Investigator: Art Petronis, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
AMOUNT: $1,383,394.00


Platform Support Grants

BIOTIC: The BIOmedical Translational Imaging Centre
Principal Investigator: Steven Beyea, IWK Health Centre
AMOUNT: $416,107.55

Brain Tumour Registry of Canada
Principal Investigator: Faith Davis, University of Alberta
AMOUNT: $303,359.00

Canadian Paediatric Stroke Imaging Research Platform: Harnessing an International Focus
Principal Investigator: Gabrielle deVeber, The Hospital for Sick Children
AMOUNT: $1,433,750.00

Canadian Partnership for Stroke Recovery Clinical Trials Platform

Principal Investigator: Mark Bayley, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute
AMOUNT: $2,775,000.00

Centre for Functional and Metabolic Mapping
Principal Investigator: Ravi Menon, Western University
AMOUNT: $2,775,000.00

The McConnell Brain Imaging Centre: a Hub of Scientific Excellence for Translational Neuroimaging
Principal Investigator: Sylvain Baillet, Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University
AMOUNT: $3,885,000.00

The Toronto Dementia Research Alliance (TDRA) Dementia Clinical Research Database: A Platform in Neurodegenerative Diseases
Principal Investigator: Morris Freedman, The Rotman Research Institute, Baycrest Centre
AMOUNT: $2,774,955.00


ALS Canada - Brain Canada Arthur J. Hudson Team Grants

Discovery of therapeutic targets for FUS- and TDP43-dependent forms of ALS
Principal Investigator: Peter St George-Hyslop, University of Toronto
AMOUNT: $1,437,848.00

Novel MRI biomarkers for monitoring disease progression in ALS
Principal Investigator: Sanjay Kalra, University of Alberta
AMOUNT: $2,946,303.00

Preclinical and clinical studies with withanolides: Therapeutic effects, molecular signatures and biomarkers
Principal Investigator: Jean-Pierre Julien, Université Laval
AMOUNT: $2,478,763.00

Regulation of the stress granule proteome and transcriptome by tdp-43 in ALS: biomarkers and therapeutic targets
Principal Investigator: Christine Vande Velde, Université de Montreal
AMOUNT: $1,685,750.00

Selective knockdown of misfolded SOD1 as a therapy for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Principal Investigator: Jiming Kong, University of Manitoba
AMOUNT: $1,600,250.00


ALS Canada - Brain Canada Discovery Grants

A novel microfluidic platform for investigating axonal sprouting in motor neurons
Principal Investigator: Amir Sanati Nezhad, University of Calgary
AMOUNT: $100,000.00

Identification of circulating non-coding RNAs with diagnostic relevance in ALS patients using a unique extracellular vesicle capture method
Principal Investigator: Pier Jr Morin, Université de Moncton
AMOUNT: $100,000.00

Misfolded SOD1 in ALS pathogenesis
Principal Investigator: Christine Vande Velde, Université de Montreal
AMOUNT: $100,000.00

Muscle-targeted therapy for ALS
Principal Investigator: Blair Leavitt University of British Columbia
AMOUNT: $100,000.00

Regulation of endosomal membrane trafficking by C9ORF72 in ALS
Principal Investigator: Peter McPherson, McGill University
AMOUNT: $100,000.00

RGNEF modulates protein misfolding in ALS
Principal Investigator: Martin L. Duennwald, Western University
AMOUNT: $100,000.00

Study of the impact of glycation on ALS using an in vitro tissue-engineered model of spinal cord
Principal Investigator: Francois Berthod, Université Laval
AMOUNT: $100,000.00

The role of peripheral inflammation in ALS: an exploratory study
Principal Investigator: Fabio Rossi, University of British Columbia
AMOUNT: $100,000.00


ALS Canada-Brain Canada Career Transition Award

Mechanisms of glutamatergic neuronal dysfunction in genetic models of ALS
Principal Investigator: Gary Armstrong, Universite de Montréal
AMOUNT: $315,000.00

Mechanisms of synpatic dysfunction in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Principal Investigator: Chantelle Sephton, Université Laval
AMOUNT: $195,000.00


Alzheimer’s Society Research Program (ASRP)/Brain Canada New Investigator & Career Change Grants

Novel cellular and molecular mechanisms regulating synapse dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease
Principal Investigator: Timothy Kennedy, McGill/Montreal Neurological Institute
AMOUNT: $224,952.00

Strains of A-beta aggregates in Alzheimer’s disease
Principal Investigator: Joel Watts, University of Toronto
AMOUNT: $225,000.00

The interplay of DNA regulatory elements and epigenetics in Alzheimer’s disease
Principal Investigator: Viviane Labrie, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
AMOUNT: $224,440.00


Alzheimer’s Association 2015 International Grant Program

Preventing language decline in dementia
Principal Investigator: Regina Jokel, Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care
AMOUNT: $109,068.00

The automated monitoring of gait as a predictor of fall risk
Principal Investigator: Babak, Taati, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute – UHN
AMOUNT: $131,578.00

Toxicity pathways and catalytic potential of Cu-Containing AB Oligomers
Principal Investigator: Tim Storr, Simon Fraser University
AMOUNT: $127,470.00


Azrieli Neurodevelopmental Research Program

A national coordinating neuroinformatics framework for autism and related conditions
Principal Investigator: Alan Evans, McGill University
AMOUNT: $1,552,398.00

Mouse brain imaging for neurodevelopmental disorders
Principal Investigator: Jason Lerch, The Hospital for Sick Children
AMOUNT: $1,223,696.00 

Novel approaches to early detection and treatment of ASD
Principal Investigator: Lonnie Zwaigenbaum, University of Alberta
AMOUNT: $2,086,742.00


Brain, Mind & Consciousness
Principal Investigators: Melvyn Goodale & Adrian Owen, Western University
AMOUNT: $6,176,329.00

Humans & the Microbiome
Principal Investigator: Brett Finlay, University of British Columbia and Janet Rossant Hospital for Sick Children, University of Toronto
AMOUNT: $6,340,786.00

Learning in Machines & Brains
Principal Investigator: Yoshua Bengio, Université de Montréal
AMOUNT: $6,482,885.00

Canadian Cancer Society Impact Grants

Deciphering eEF2K biological functions for therapeutic targeting of neural tumours
Principal Investigator: Poul Sorensen, University of British Columbia
AMOUNT: $1,250,000.00

Oncolytic rhabdovirus immunotherapy for brain cancer
Principal Investigator: David Stojdl Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
AMOUNT: $1,238,500.00

Molecular heterogeneity drives the clinical behaviour of childhood medulloblastoma
Principal Investigator: Michael Taylor, Hospital for Sick Children
AMOUNT: $1,249,880.00

Targeting the telomere maintenance pathway for cancer diagnostics and therapeutic
Principal Investigator: Uri Tabori, Hospital for Sick Children
AMOUNT: $1,249,765.00

Heart and Stroke Foundation Emerging Research Leaders Initiative (ERLI)

Genomic markers of cerebral small vessel ischemia
Principal Investigator: Liam Brunham, University of British Columbia
AMOUNT: $148,260.00

Habitual physical activity, exercise and cardiovascular function in spinal cord injury
Principal Investigator: Christopher West, University of British Columbia
AMOUNT: $149,282.00

Heart and Stroke Foundation Grant-in-Aid (GIA)

ATF4 and P53 family transcription factors in the regulation of neuronal cell death
Principal Investigator: Sean Cregan, University of Western Ontario - Robarts Research Institute
AMOUNT: $256,200.00

Identification of novel genes causing intracranial aneurysms

Principal Investigator: Michael Woods, Memorial University of Newfoundland
AMOUNT: $283,689.00

Mechanisms of delayed death in stroke
Principal Investigator: David Park, University of Ottawa
AMOUNT: $227,406.00

Mitochondrial calcium uptake and targeted therapeutics

Principal Investigator: George Robertson, Dalhousie University
AMOUNT: $268,830.00

Synaptic mechanisms in post-stroke depression
Principal Investigator: Jean-Claude Beique, University of Ottawa
AMOUNT: $279,080.00

Jewish General Hospital Foundation/Bell

Evaluation Study of the Kids Write Network (KWN)
Principal Investigator: Danielle Groleau, McGill University
AMOUNT: $190,385.00


NeuroDevNetBrain Canada Training Awards

A multi-platform approach to the functional assessment of ASD gene variants
Principal Investigator: Kathryn Post, Brain Research Centre, University of British Columbia
AMOUNT: $70,000.00

Co-clinical trials of autism in mice and humans
Principal Investigator: Zsuzsa Lindenmaier (Buchwald), SickKids
AMOUNT: $70,000.00

Combined analysis of brain magnetic resonance images towards patient specific diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Principal Investigator: Graham Little, University of Alberta
AMOUNT: $70,000.00

Developmental origins of stress and self-regulation and implications for interventions to improve childhood behavior
Principal Investigator: Regula Neuenschwander, Child and Family Research Institute
AMOUNT: $100,000.00

DNA methylation signatures in a rat model of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
Principal Investigator: Alexandre Lussier, University Of British Columbia
AMOUNT: $60,000.00

Does rehabilitation improve brain structure/function and motor outcomes of children with developmental coordination disorder?
Principal Investigator: Sara Izadi-Najafabadi, Brain Research Centre, University of British Columbia
AMOUNT: $60,000.00

Early Postnatal Metabolic Treatment for the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Principal Investigator: Paolo Bazzigaluppi, UHN Toronto Western
AMOUNT: $110,000.00

Immunotherapy as a targeted low-impact treatment of paediatric brain cancers
Principal Investigator: Laura Donovan,The Hospital for Sick Children
AMOUNT: $110,000.00

Impaired translational regulation of brain development in autism spectrum disorders
Principal Investigator: Jelena Popic, McGill University
AMOUNT: $110,000.00

Investigating blood brain barrier permeability in an experimental model of juvenile stroke using advanced MR imaging

Principal Investigator: Trish Domi, The Hospital for Sick Children
AMOUNT: $110,000.00

In vitro and in vivo functional assessment of neuropsychiatric disease-related synaptic gene mutations

Principal Investigator: Yicheng Xie, Brain Research Centre, University of British Columbia
AMOUNT: $110,000.00

Maternal care and child neurodevelopment: A longitudinal gene x environment analysis of socio-emotional development with an integrated approach
Principal Investigator: Lawrence Chen, McGill University
AMOUNT: $60,000.00

Prenatal serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SRI) antidepressant exposure on brain development, cognition and activity related risk for obesity: A longitudinal study with 10 year olds

Principal Investigator: Sarah Hutchison, University of British Columbia
AMOUNT: $100,000.00

Recruitment of Endogenous Neural Stem Cells to Promote Brain Repair Following Acquired Brain Injury in Children

Principal Investigator: Kamila Szulc, The Hospital for Sick Children
AMOUNT: $110,000.00

The effects of glucocorticoids on the developing brain
Principal Investigator: Andrea Constantinof, University of Toronto
AMOUNT: $70,000.00

The role of attention control and emotional regulation in the emergence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD): Identifying early behavioral markers of ASD in at-risk infants
Principal Investigator: Sarah Raza, University of Alberta
AMOUNT: $70,000.00

Uncovering early neurocognitive risk factors for mathematical learning disorders

Principal Investigator: Rebecca Merkley, University of Western Ontario
AMOUNT: $110,000.00

RBC - Brain Canada Research Partnership in Mental Health Services

Making the race fair for young children at risk: a targeted prevention approach to reducing child emotional and behaviour problems
Principal Investigator: Teresa Bennett, McMaster University
AMOUNT: $909,997.00

Barbara Turnbull Award for Spinal Cord Research

Samuel David, McGill University
AMOUNT: $50,000.00

Dr. Hubert van Tol Travel Fellowship

Pierre-Eric Lutz, Douglas Institute's Research Centre
AMOUNT: $1,843.00