2016 Grant Recipients

Canadian Cancer Society Impact Grants

Synergistic combination of IAP antagonism and immunotherapy to treat brain cancers

Principal Investigator: Robert Korneluk, CHEO Research Institute
AMOUNT: $1,200,000

CQDM - Brain Canada - Focus on Brain

A Patient-Derived hiPSC Neuronal Platform for Drug Discovery in Parkinson’s Disease and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Principal Investigator: Edward Fon, McGill University
AMOUNT: $1,500,000

ShARP: Screenable assays for RNA-binding proteins involved in brain disorders and diseases
Principal Investigator: Martin Beaulieu, University of Toronto
AMOUNT: 1,488,000

CQDM - Brain Canada - Quantum Leap

Development of a disruptive mammalian membrane two-hybrids (MaMTH) platform for high-throughput screening of small molecules against PPI targets
Principal Investigator: Igor Stagljar, University of Toronto
AMOUNT: $1,041,136

Alzheimer’s Society Research Program (ASRP)/Brain Canada New Investigator & Career Change Grants

Novel mechanisms regulating intraneuronal Tau clearance as potential targets for Alzheimer's disease
Principal Investigator: Michel Cayouette, IRCM Université de Montreal
AMOUNT: $225,000.00

Role of mitochondrial c-Src kinase in Alzheimer's disease
Principal Investigator: Etienne Hébert-Châtelain, Université de Moncton
AMOUNT: $225,000

Tracking Alzheimer's disease progression at the earliest stages: a multimodal project
Principal Investigator: Sylvia Villeneuve, Douglas Hospital Research Institute, McGill University
AMOUNT: $223,407

ALS Canada-Brain Canada Career Transition Award

Characterization of MATR3 Mutations Associated with ALS
Principal Investigator: Jeehye Park, Sick Kids, University of Toronto
AMOUNT: $315,000.00

Discovery of transcriptomic biomarkers and epigenetic therapeutic targets for c9ALS and sALS

Principal Investigator: Veronique Belzil, Mayo Clinic
AMOUNT: $425,000.00

Pathogenic mechanisms of C9ORF72 repeat expansion in ALS and development of therapeutics
Principal Investigator: Kessen Patten, INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier
AMOUNT: $315,000.00

ALS Canada - Brain Canada Discovery Grants

Decoding motor cortex circuit abnormalities at ALS onset through combined two-photon imaging in vivo and pharmacogenetics
Principal Investigator: Lisa Topolnik, CHUL, Université de Laval
AMOUNT: $100,000.00

Defining conserved functions of RNA binding proteins in stress-granule biogenesis
Principal Investigator: Eric Lecuyer, IRCM, Université de Montreal
AMOUNT: $100,000

Generating expanded repeats in the C9ORF72 ortholog in zebrafish
Principal Investigator: Gary Armstrong, CRCHUM, Université de Montreal
AMOUNT: $100,000

Impaired Neuromuscular Junction Connectivity in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Principal Investigator: Charles Krieger, SFU
AMOUNT: $100,000

Investigation of microbiota mediated suppression of motor neuron degeneration in genetic models of ALS
Principal Investigator: Alex Parker, CRCHUM, Université de Montreal
AMOUNT: $100,000

Mechanisms of in vitro synaptic transmission of mis-folded human SOD1
Principal Investigator: Neil Cashman, UBC
AMOUNT: $100,000

Proteomic and Transcriptomic Profiling of Paraspeckle Function in Healthy and ALS Model Neuronal Cells
Principal Investigator: Marlene Oeffinger, IRCM, Université de Montreal
AMOUNT: $100,000

ALS Arthur J. Hudson Translational Team Grant

A patient-derived iPSC platform of disease relevant cell models for biological studies
Principal Investigator: Guy Rouleau, McGill University, Montreal Neurological Institute
AMOUNT: $2,203,108

Pathogenic Mechanism of C9orf72 haploinsufficiency in ALS/FTLD: a road to therapeutic discovery
Principal Investigator: Janice Robertson, University of Toronto
AMOUNT: $1,647,801

NIH BRAIN Initiative

Prototype NIR Ca2+ indicators into refined tools that can be applied for neuronal activity imaging in model organisms

Principal Investigator: Robert Campbell, University of Alberta
AMOUNT: $246,995

Summer school in Computational Sensory Motor Neuroscience (CoSMo)
Principal Investigator: Gunnar Blohm, Queen’s University
AMOUNT: $194,000

Brain Canada-Huntington Society of Canada Creating HD Clinician-Scientist-to-Patient Virtual Networks Multi-Investigator Research Initiative (MIRI)

Gangliosides in Huntington's disease: from bench to clinics and back
Principal Investigator: Simonetta Sipione, University of Alberta
AMOUNT: $900,000

Unorthodox 2016

Les Grands Ballets
A mixed-methods evaluation of a dance therapy intervention for students seeking on-campus mental health services
Principal Investigator: Nancy Low, McGill University
AMOUNT: $23,000

Max Bell Workshop
AMOUNT: $262,000

Women's Brain Health Initiative
AMOUNT: $406,000

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