Canada Brain Research Fund

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The Canada Brain Research Fund (CBRF) is a public-private partnership established in 2011 designed to encourage Canadians to increase their support for brain research, and maximize the impact and efficiency of those investments. Brain Canada committed to raising $100 million over six years from private and non-governmental sources, which is being matched by the Government of Canada on a 1:1 basis creating a $200-million fund. This fund supports Canadian brain science research to advance knowledge and our understanding of the brain and brain disorders. In 2016, the Government of Canada committed an additional $20 million in matching funds, bringing the total Canada Brain Research Fund to $240 million.

This is the LARGEST PUBLIC-PRIVATE fund in Canadian history devoted to supporting brain research across Canada

This visionary commitment by the Government of Canada will ensure that Canada continues to be among the leaders in the global challenge to understand brain function and brain diseases.

The Canada Brain Research Fund supports three types of grants:

Multi-Investigator Research Initiative (MIRI) Team grants
Support the direct operating costs of research and are awarded to proposals from multidisciplinary teams of investigators undertaking innovative and excellent research with high potential for impact.

Platform Support Grants (PSGs)
Sustain and enhance the capabilities and accessibility of research platforms essential for tomorrow’s brain research by providing funds for the operation of local, regional or national platforms.

Training Awards
Identify and nurture rising stars and future leaders in Canadian brain research through training and career development support programs designed to help them accelerate their progress and make outstanding research contributions.

Grant Recipients