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Brain Canada seeks to accelerate research advances at all stages in the process: from basic science through population health. We bring together researchers from different disciplines and institutions to form new collaborations and new networks.
Brain Canada’s research funding programs support:

  • High-risk/high-gain research;
  • Rising stars and future leaders in the Canadian brain research community;
  • Unorthodox and innovative collaborations between and within disciplines, to develop new approaches and solutions to intractable problems;
  • International collaboration and partnerships, which increase the visibility and participation of Canadian researchers in worldwide brain research, provide an enriched training and career development experience, and give access to the best possible infrastructure and sources of data.



Brain Canada funds across ALL brain science                    and ALL types of research

Including neurodegenerative diseases
neurodevelopmental disorders
mental illness
brain and spinal cord injury
brain cancer
pain, among others
Basic science
Pre-clinical research
Clinical research
Translational research
Population health
Public health