Platform Support Grants

High-impact research in neuroscience and mental health has always required skill, imagination, determination and insight, and nowadays it also requires access to shared equipment, facilities, services, databases, computing and informatics facilities, patient repositories, and biobanks, collectively referred to as technology “platforms”. Such platforms are too expensive for a single research laboratory or program to purchase or maintain, and are complex and highly sophisticated. They need to be operated and regularly maintained by skilled technical staff to ensure they operate at peak performance and efficiency and are accessible on demand. Some are of such large scale that they should only be provided on a regional or national basis.

Brain Canada identified support for operations and maintenance of research platforms as a gap in the research funding environment for the neurosciences, and now intends to address this funding gap by sponsoring a competition for Platform Support Grants (PSGs). PSGs support, for up to three years, major research platforms that provide enhanced technical and research capability to multiple investigators working in the brain sciences.


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Platform Support Grant submission process

  • An application can be completed in either of the official languages.
  • The application must be completed on the electronic grant management system found here 
  • Please note that the application process can take up to two hours to complete and should be initiated at least three days prior to the deadline.
  • For project start and end date please select a window corresponding to the number of years of requested funding. Budgets should list all forms of revenue including the requested amounts from Brain Canada, and major expense categories. 
  • The Team Leader and User Group member may cite up to five publications.  Each publication should be annotated with a brief reason for selection, and a URL link for the publication or PMID or DOI if a URL does not exist.  Publications should be those that are high-impact and best illustrate the use of or need for technology and services relevant to the platform.
  • All documents must be uploaded in PDF format.
  • The 6-page proposal, references, and letters of commitment can be completed offline and must be in PDF format for upload.
  • The signature page(s) can be downloaded by clicking on the Preview/Print tab and then clicking on the red “Open” button.  The downloaded signature page(s) must be signed by the Team Leader and all listed User Group Members.  The signed signature page(s) must be uploaded in PDF format.
  • Please read carefully through the RFA documents found here
  • Click here to view the Sponsored Opportunities Questions and Answers
  • Click here to view the Expression of Interest Discussion Forum
  • Click here to view the list of funded projects

The 2013 Platform Support Grants competition launched November 1st, 2013.

Important dates for this competition are as follows:

Deadline for receipt of Applications: April 11, 2014

Notification of Conditional Award sent: June 16, 2014

Funding begins: Earliest date, July 1, 2014

For further information or questions:

About this PSG competition and application process, please contact Haifa Staiti, Manager Research Programs, at or at 647-428-5279

About Brain Canada and the Canada Brain Research Fund: go to