Brain Injury

Brain Canada is engaging people with lived experience to set the research agenda for solutions to key issues such as traumatic brain injury. We’re working to support our funded researchers in designing their projects to achieve maximum impact. And we’re filling gaps in the early stages of the clinical research pathway with partners who know how to bring ideas to market.

Nathalie B Morin brain injury portrait
Nathalie B. Morin is a traumatic brain injury survivor. In 2015, she had a bike accident when training for a triathlon, resulting in a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). Learn more about her story.

Our Projects

Brain Canada’s rigorous scientific review process gives donors and partners a trusted mechanism to ensure projects are chosen based on merit, innovation, and potential for impact.

$9,420,699 invested

28 grants awarded

Making a significant difference in the lives of people in Canada doesn’t happen in a vacuum. It takes a network of visionary partners committed to investing in change. As a national convenor and facilitator, Brain Canada works with partners from coast to coast to drive innovative brain research. Some of our partners in supporting brain injury research include:

How you can help

Brain Canada funds the very best Canadian neuroscience, fostering collaborative research and accelerating the pace of discovery, in order to improve the health and quality of life of Canadians who suffer from brain disorders.