One Brain, One Community

Brain Canada makes the case for the brain as a single system with commonalities across neurological disorders, mental illnesses and brain and spinal cord injuries. Looking at the brain as one system underscores the need for collaboration and optimizes investments in brain research. Our One Brain approach means that every discovery has the potential to have an impact across the spectrum of disorders and improves our overall understanding of brain functionality.

Brain Canada convenes and strengthens Canada’s brain community, which includes researchers and clinicians, institutions, governments, voluntary health organizations, philanthropists, business and community leaders, patients and caregivers.


SGBA + EDI Action Plan 2022-2025 Cover
SGBA + EDI Action Plan 2022-2025
Cover of Making the invisible visible. Lady wearing a blue winter hat.
Making the Invisible Visible
Embracing Stakeholder Engagement for Social Innovation Research
Embracing Stakeholder Engagement

Audited Financial Statements

Brain Canada’s T3010 is now available online on the CRA website