The human brain is the last great mystery of human health. So incredibly powerful. So dazzlingly complex. We won’t solve these mysteries by thinking small. We need a new generation of scientists who dare to think big.

Brain Canada is pleased to announce the launch of the 2021 Future Leaders in Canadian Brain Research Program. By supporting early-career investigators in need of seed funding, the Future Leaders in Canadian Brain Research Program allows budding scientists to pursue their brightest and boldest ideas. This funding opportunity is open to early-career researchers within five years of starting their first independent research position. Through this program, Brain Canada will award 20 grants of $100,000 to projects that successfully represent new lines of research with potential for significant impact on our fundamental understanding of the brain.

“By providing this early-career support, we are giving promising researchers the jump-start they need to explore daring, innovative and high-potential lines of research that will help us find solutions to diseases and disorders of the brain,” says Brain Canada President and CEO, Dr. Viviane Poupon.

Interested applicants will be required to submit a Letter of Intent by November 16, 2021. Selected applicants will be invited to proceed to the Full Application phase. The deadline to submit a Full Application is February 16, 2022.

Evidence clearly shows that increasing equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in research environments enhances excellence, innovation and creativity. Brain Canada is committed to excellence through equity, and we encourage applicants of diverse backgrounds to apply to our funding opportunities.

This funding opportunity has been made possible with the financial support of the Azrieli Foundation, The Arrell Family Foundation and the Alvin Segal Family Foundation.

Please refer to the Request for Applications for additional details.

“This grant competition is a transformative initiative at a time when there is a significant funding gap for our brightest early-career investigators,” notes Dr. Naomi Azrieli, Chair of the Brain Canada Board of Directors and Chair and CEO of the Azrieli Foundation. “They are at a critical point in their careers: poised to make major contributions to Canadian brain research but in need of seed funding to gain experience.”