As part of Brain Canada’s Mental Health Initiative, Brain Canada coordinated a workshop on youth mental health, with sponsorship from the RBC Foundation.

This workshop, which took place on March 9 and 10, 2020 in Toronto convened 32 thought leaders, researchers, clinicians and professionals working on the front lines, youth, community stakeholders, funders, and policy makers, all active and engaged in youth mental health in Canada. The goal was to identify gaps and opportunities in current youth mental health services and programs in Canada in order to inform the research parameters for an open funding competition in youth mental health in the second phase of this initiative. The workshop began on March 9 with a dinner, opened by Board Chair Naomi Azrieli, followed by a full‐day workshop on March 10 at Vantage Venues in Toronto, opened by Brain Canada director Wayne Bossert. The workshop was hosted and facilitated by a youth team, led by Lisa Lachance and Fae Johnstone from consulting group, Wisdom 2 Action.

For more information:

RBC Brain Canada Youth Mental Health Workshop – Final Report (in English)

RBC Brain Canada Youth Mental Health Workshop – Video (In English)