Brain Canada hosts second fundraising gala to support brain research

On November 8th, Brain Canada welcomed guests to celebrate our achievements in brain research and reflect on how we can further explore the mysteries of the brain. Thanks to our Chair, Naomi Azrieli, as well as our donors, partners, sponsors, researchers and Board of Directors, the night was a tremendous success.

This fundraising gala, along with your consistent generosity, allows us to continue to propel research into meaningful solutions that change health practices and the lives of people impacted by a brain disease or disorder.

It’s an exciting time in brain science, and we are proud to be contributing to positive change and a stronger future for people in Canada.

We invite you to enter Brain Canada’s Night of the Explorers and take this journey with us.

Let’s explore what Brain Canada funded researchers Dr. Tamara Vanderwal, Dr. Sanjay Kalra, and Dr. Mark Cembrowski are discovering through their innovative research surrounding mental health, ALS, learning, and memory. Chloe Ferguson, Vice President of The Martin Family Initiative, a valued Brain Canada partner, also shares how the theme of exploration carries through MFI’s community-led programming supporting Indigenous communities in Canada. Dr. Matthew Galati, a traumatic brain injury survivor, outlines his recovery process and what ultimately led to the development of the Brain Changes Initiative and its partnership with Brain Canada.

More on Brain Canada’s funded research

Dr. Boris Bernhardt, Dr. Daphne Voineskos, and Dr. Catherine Lebel outline their recent investigations into solutions to better the lives of people with autism, depression, and postpartum mental health challenges. Dr. Gustavo Turecki emphasizes the need for a centralized brain bank, and how investigators can benefit from brain tissue to further understand what happens in the brain.

Mental health is currently at the forefront of public discourse in Canada. Dr. Sean Hill, Dr. Jo Henderson, and Mark Beckles, Vice President, Social Impact and Innovation at RBC highlight the Canadian Youth Mental Health Insight (CYMHI) Platform powered by RBC Future Launch.

Thank you for your dedication to brain research in Canada. You’re making a valuable difference for those impacted by a brain disease or disorder, their families, researchers, and the future of people in Canada. We hope you continue to help us seek answers to the brain’s most fascinating questions.

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