Federal Budget 2024 awards $80 million to Brain Canada for the advancement of brain research

The Government of Canada renewed funding to Brain Canada in the Federal Budget 2024: Fairness for Every Generation to support the advancement of brain research in this country with a commitment of $80 million over four years. This investment will enable Brain Canada to continue advancing bold, high-risk high-reward research, maintain our existing signature programs that build capacity, retain top talent and drive innovation, as well as to launch transformative new initiatives with donors and partners to improve outcomes for people living with brain conditions.

As it has done since the Canada Brain Research Fund was established in 2011, Brain Canada will match the federal contribution with private and non-federal government dollars on a 1:1 basis. This unique business model will double the latest investment to reach a grand total of $160 million for brain research in Canada by 2028.

“We welcome the Government of Canada’s renewed commitment to brain research. This funding serves as recognition of Brain Canada’s critical role in the Canadian research ecosystem. We look forward to working closely with our donors and partners to accelerate discovery and ultimately improve the brain health of people in Canada.”

Dr. Viviane Poupon, President & CEO of Brain Canada