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The Canada Brain Research Fund

Increase Canadians’ support for brain research
and expand the philanthropic space for supporting
brain research to achieve maximum impact.

$267M in new funding
317 projects across Canada
1000+ researchers
115 institutions

By the end of June of 2021,
the Canada Brain Research Fund had allocated $267 million in new funding to support 317 projects across Canada involving more than 1000 researchers at more than 115 institutions.

About the Canada Brain Research Fund

In 2011, Brain Canada committed to raising $100 million over six years from private and non-governmental sources which was matched by the Government of Canada on a 1:1 basis, creating a $200-million fund. Brain Canada met its fundraising objective of $100 million by the fall of 2015 – more than one year ahead of schedule.

To maintain the positive momentum achieved with donors, partners and the research community, in Budget 2016, the Government of Canada provided $20 million in additional matching funds, administered through Health Canada, to the CBRF, an additional commitment of $40 million from Budget 2019 and a subsequent $40 million funding extension in 2021.

Currently, Brain Canada relies on the support from donors and partners, along with up to ten percent of funds from the CBRF, to cover its operating expenses.

 $267,730,083.25 total matched funds to research

Provincial Agencies

Private Donors


Research Institutes


Health Charities


Government of Canada
(Health Canada)

$267 M

$267-million *
Canada Brain Research Fund

* A $5 million was provided unmatched to cover program and operating expenses for the CBRF.

Team grants

Grants that bring together teams of scientists from different disciplines to advance collaborative research.


Grants to sustain or enhance research platforms in areas such as neuroimaging and disease models to promote efficient sharing across research networks.

Capacity building grants

Grants for salary support, training and mentoring, and to convene the Canadian brain research community.

A specific grant may be a hybrid of more than one type of grant.

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