On June 11, 2024, a group of 148 dedicated donors gathered in Toronto for the Do It for Dementia foodservice golf tournament. The event, marked by generosity and community spirit, successfully raised $15,000 in support of Brain Canada’s mission to accelerate, amplify, and fund groundbreaking brain research.

“Thank you to Wendy Brancato, Denise Paul and Tina Haslip for organizing this wonderful Do It for Dementia Foodservice Golf Tournament. It was inspiring to be with such a compassionate, dedicated group of people,”

Barbara Celinska, Director of Development at Brain Canada

Brain Canada plays a vital role in funding innovative brain research. The funds raised from this event will contribute significantly to advancing our understanding of various brain diseases and disorders, like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and beyond. The tournament highlighted the collective power of community. Participants enjoyed a beautiful day on the golf course, bringing us closer to achieving significant breakthroughs in brain health.

Brain Canada has already committed $40.7 million to dementia research through 72 grants . While we have made significant progress, the journey is far from over. The support from the Do It for Dementia foodservice golf tournament will enable Brain Canada to continue to push the boundaries of brain health research, building new solutions to improve the lives and outcomes of those affected.

This event showcases the power of community-driven efforts in supporting critical research. As we continue our work, events like these reminds us of the collective impact we can achieve in the fight against all brain diseases and disorders.