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Brain Tumour Registry of Canada

Principal Investigator:
  • Faith Davis, University of Alberta
Team Members:
  • Jacob Easaw, University of Calgary
  • Marshall Pitz, University of Manitoba
  • Joseph Megyesi, University of Western Ontario
  • Yutaka Yasui, University of Alberta
  • Yan Yuan, University of Alberta
  • Mary McBride, BC Cancer Agency
  • Wilson Roa, University of Alberta
  • Thierry Muanza, McGill University
  • Claire Infante-Rivard, McGill University
  • Marie-Christine Guiot, Montreal Neurological Hospital and Institute
  • Brain Tumour Foundation

Project Overview

The proposed initiative will make every brain tumour count! We will enhance the Canadian Cancer Registry (CCR) and brain tumour research capacity by providing data on an additional 40% of primary brain tumours diagnosed between 2010 and 2014 to the neurooncology community for the first time. The rationale for this is well described (Davis 1997) and unfunded legislation has (MB235) mandated this effort. A team of cancer epidemiology and clinician researchers with their counterpart provincial cancer registry experts will address current gaps in brain tumour data. This population-based data will then be used to support etiologic and translational research to reduce the burden of disease (Jenson 1991, Meyer 2014).

Project Aims: This project aims to: 1) supplement registry activities (BC, AB) to obtain data on non-malignant brain tumours (including meningiomas, low grade gliomas, acoustic neuromas); 2) create a first Canadian brain tumour surveillance report (from BC, AB, MB, ON, QB) similar to that published by the Central Brain Tumour Registry of the US (CBTRUS) (Ostrum 2014). Secondary aims include developing 3) a data access plan to support collaborative research and 4) recommendations for the collection of relevant molecular data.