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Early Postnatal Metabolic Treatment for the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Principal Investigator:
  • Paolo Bazzigaluppi, Toronto Western Hospital
  • Krembil Research Institute

Project Overview

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is the result of in utero alcohol exposure and is characterized by central nervous system developmental impairments which causes lifelong physical and cognitive disabilities. The mechanisms of the impaired brain development are poorly understood, but they seem to be related with the decreased levels of antioxidants defenses in the brain which ultimately causes neuronal death. In this project Dr. Bazzigaluppi aims to improve, in a preclinical model of FAS, neuronal survival, and behavioral function by supplementing neuroprotective Ketone Bodies after birth. The project also explores the effects of ethanol on cross-frequency coupling between different brain-waves in the hippocampus and medial pre-frontal cortex, in the attempt to identify a biomarker of altered neuronal function.