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Exploitation of a new pharmacological target for the development and validation of new anti-inflammatory drugs

Principal Investigator:
  • Philippe Gros, McGill University
  • CQDM
  • McGill University (HBHL)
  • Corbin Therapeutics

Project Overview

Neuroinflammation has been implicated in a diverse array of degenerative conditions, ranging from Multiple Sclerosis  to  Alzheimer’s  disease.  Dr. Gros and team previously  uncovered genes  that  can  prevent  neuroinflammation  and provide new opportunities for drug discovery for a variety of clinical indications. Here, they propose to specifically inhibit the ubiquitin-specific protease 15 (USP15), in view of managing and treating neuroinflammation. This project  will  expand the therapeutic  field  for  USP15,  map  out  USP15  pathways   and  associated  partners  in  immune  cells,  better  understand the  functional  role  of  USP15  in  brain  and  in immune  cells  during  neuroinflammation and pursue the development and validation of small molecule USP15 inhibitors.  The whole project   will   build   value   through   identification   of small   molecule   leads   for   modulating   USP15   for   neuroinflammation and bring it closer to the clinic.