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Manitoba Neuroimaging Platform

Principal Investigator:
  • Christopher Anderson, University of Manitoba
Team Members:
  • Marco Essig, University of Manitoba
  • Ruth Ann Marrie, University of Manitoba
  • Chase Figley, University of Manitoba
  • Tamra Ogilvie, University of Manitoba
  • Soheila Karimi, University of Manitoba
  • Marc Del Bigio, University of Manitoba
  • Thomas Klonisch, University of Manitoba
  • Alan Mutch, University of Manitoba
  • Manitoba Health Research Council
  • Health Sciences Centre, University of Manitoba
  • University of Manitoba

Project Overview

Complex research questions in neurology are often most effectively addressed by monitoring brain structure and function in human patients and live animals in experimental disease models.  Recent advances in radiology, computational analysis and medical physics have made it possible to accomplish this like never before.  Despite this, research is hindered by a lack of standardization of image acquisition and analysis.  This means that many studies are not comparable with results from other research sites, and that pre-clinical imaging results cannot be appropriately translated to human neuroimaging.  The Manitoba Neuroimaging Platform is an initiative that brings together experts in these field in a core research platform that provides consultation, experimental design and data analysis and interpretation for research scientists and physicians developing new ways of diagnosing treating neurological disorders.  This transformative approach to centralizing advanced neuroimaging tools will streamline research translation and enable technology transfer.  These are high-impact deliverables that will accelerate patient health improvements and attract industrial collaborations.