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Nonlinear MR-US Registration for Image Guided Neurosurgery of Brain Tumours

Principal Investigator:
  • Ian Gerard, McGill University

Project Overview

Each year, thousands of Canadians undergo neurosurgery for the resection of cancerous lesions. Their survival rate is significantly increased when tumour resection is complete, and imageguided neurosurgery is an important tool to help surgeons accurately localize the lesions. However, the usefulness of pre-operative images for guidance during surgery is limited due to changes in the brain’s shape (known as “brain shift”) throughout the procedure. Mr. Gerard’s research project aims to develop an accurate biomechanical model of the brain, and to investigate whether simpler mechanical models can be applied to certain types of tumours or procedures to reduce computation time. Aapproach to integrating the modelling data with the pre-operative images will also be implemented, with the aim of reducing the computational time required during surgery. Finally, the model will be tested both in the laboratory and the operating room.