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Project MinE

Principal Investigator:
  • Guy Rouleau, Montreal Neurological Hospital and Institute
Team Members:
  • Nicolas Dupré, CRCHUQ-Enfant-Jesus, University Laval
  • Ekaterina Rogaeva, University of Toronto
  • Ian Mackenzie, University of British Columbia
  • ALS Society of Canada

Project Overview

Project MinE is a multi-national initiative with currently participating countries. The goal is to create a database of whole genome sequences for 15,000 people with ALS and 7,500 control subject. This will provide a global resource of human data that will enable scientists worldwide to understand the genetic signature that leads someone to develop ALS. This unprecedented effort is something that on one country could do alone due to the high cost and amount of resources involved.

Canada aims to provide 1000 sequences for the project. The Canadian component of Project MinE brings together some of Canada’s top ALS geneticists from across the country. This will result in a set of samples that are representative of ALS cases across Canada.