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Sedation and Cerebral Oximetry in Traumatic Brain Injury: A Potentially Non-invasive Avenue for Personalized Approaches in Neurocritical Care?

Principal Investigator:
  • Logan Froese, University of Manitoba
  • Seger-van Tol Family

Project Overview

Dr. Hubert van Tol Travel Fellowship
Logan Froese is a PhD student at the University of Manitoba, whose work focuses on the evaluation of high-frequency data of cardiovascular and neurovascular physiology to improve personalized patient assessment and care. At the 15th International Neurotrauma Symposium, Logan presented two oral presentations and a poster presentation.
The first oral presentation and most novel is the optimal bispectral index methodology to identify the relationship between sedation and the cerebral oximetry index (a non-invasive surrogate measure of determining cerebral autoregulation). Cerebral autoregulation entails the ability for blood vessels to maintain healthy cerebral blood flow. This proposed technique can be determined entirely non-invasive. Thus, it poses potentially a route to assess and mediate cerebral state in larger critical care populations, potentially opening new routes to improved patient care.
The second oral presentation is a documentation of a system to continuously extract pharmacological data through computer vision. This provides a route to improve data collection accuracy, consistency, and at a higher frequency then feasible with human collection alone.
Finally, the last poster presentation was an exploration into the high frequency relationship between continuous and single dose treatment on cerebral physiology. The area is highly underexplored as currently most treatment/physiological research uses momentary epochs of data over large time windows and thus the minute-by-minute response of cerebral physiology is unknown.