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Using synthetic antibody parts to construct antibody-based imaging devices – anti-EGFR molecular targeted imaging probes for diagnosing and monitoring glioblastoma

Principal Investigator:
  • Clarence Geyer, University of Saskatchewan
  • Canadian Cancer Society

Project Overview

To improve outcomes in brain cancer, better tools are needed to diagnose brain cancer, surgically remove brain tumours and monitor how they respond to therapy. Glioblastomas, aggressive brain cancers, are treated by surgical removal of the tumour followed by radiation and chemotherapy. A molecule found on the surface of cells called EGFR is strongly associated with glioblastoma. Much effort has gone into developing molecular imaging approaches to non‑invasively detect EGFR and linking it to therapeutic response. Dr Clarence Geyer and his team are developing a new strategy to rapidly construct EGFR imaging probes that possess properties necessary to detect EGFR in brain tumours. These imaging probes will be useful to diagnose and monitor glioblastomas and to guide the surgical removal of tumour tissue.