Brain Canada is seeking stakeholders with diverse perspectives on the issue of moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury (TBI), to participate in a one hour one-on-one interview. In collaboration with Brain Changes Initiative, Brain Canada has developed a process for grounding its funded research in stakeholder needs.

The interview analysis will result in a list of needs that will be converted into a survey and voted on across Canada. Researchers will be asked to submit proposals to Brain Canada for innovative solutions to one or more of the needs.

The interviews on the topic of traumatic brain injury will occur virtually via Microsoft Teams and will be recorded with permission for the purpose of analysis (recordings will not be shared externally).

We are seeking participation from stakeholders of all ethnicities and backgrounds in the following fields (who help people with moderate-to-severe TBI), from any Province/Territory outside of Ontario:

  • Frontline workers in Indigenous communities and/or who provide health care/rehabilitation services to Indigenous persons in urban settings
  • Personal injury lawyers
  • Policymakers/policy analysts/decision-makers
  • Insurers (auto, home, health)
  • Case managers/service navigators or advisors
  • Neuropsychiatrists
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Psychotherapists
  • Social workers
  • Occupational therapists
  • Physical therapists
  • Speech Language Therapists
  • Ophthalmologists/vision care
  • Family physicians
  • Psychiatrists
  • Neurologists
  • Neurosurgeons
  • Emergency Department Physicians
  • Critical Care Physicians
  • Discharge Planners
  • Nurses

If interested in being interviewed as a stakeholder for this valuable research, please email: before November 15th 2022.

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This project has been made possible by the Canada Brain Research Fund (CBRF), an innovative arrangement between the Government of Canada (through Health Canada) and Brain Canada Foundation, and Brain Changes Initiative.

To date, Health Canada has invested over $145 million through the CBRF which has been matched by Brain Canada Foundation and its donors and partners.