Brain Canada in the news

The Toronto Star

June 17, 2024

Rachel Bendayan, a Member of Parliament experienced a severe concussion, leading to an extensive period of recovery and revealing the substantial gaps in knowledge about concussions among healthcare professionals and the general public. This personal ordeal highlighted the need for more comprehensive research and understanding of concussion treatment and long-term effects

Government of Canada renews funding for Brain Canada
The Montrealer

June 16, 2024

The Government of Canada has announced an $80 million investment in Brain Canada’s research programs to enhance brain health. This investment, which will be matched by Brain Canada through private and non-federal government funds, aims to support neuroscience research and advance therapies for brain conditions, ultimately doubling the total funding to $160 million by 2028​

Vernon Matters

June 3, 2024

Brain Canada is providing funding that could support research projects in the Okanagan region, aiming to advance brain health. This initiative is part of a broader effort to invest in innovative brain research across Canada​

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The Globe and Mail

April 10, 2024

Dr. Viviane Poupon and her life partner, Jean-Francois Lavigne, penned an op-ed on how the very architecture of social media platforms seems to cultivate addictive behaviours in teens, among other things. These consequences have been exacerbated by the pandemic, as social media – something that was once meant to connect young people – has left many feeling more alone than ever.

Windsor News Today

March 19, 2024

Brain Canada is encouraging people to focus on brain health during Brain Health Awareness Month by participating in activities and events designed to increase awareness about brain research and health. The campaign highlights the importance of understanding brain function and disorders, with various initiatives such as podcasts, online conversations, and fundraising efforts to support brain research across Canada

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Global TV Vancouver

March 18, 2024