JDRF Canada and Brain Canada are pleased to announce the JDRF Canada – Brain Canada Addressing Mental Health in Type 1 Diabetes Team Grants, a new funding opportunity for Canadian researchers that aims to address mental health concerns in people with type 1 diabetes (T1D). 

2021 marks the 100th anniversary since the discovery of insulin in Canada. Insulin has saved and improved millions of lives worldwide, but T1D remains a burdensome disease, with substantial risk complications and a shortened life-expectancy, reported difficulties with self-management, and additional factors such as social stigma. As a result, people with T1D are at a higher risk of developing mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety and eating disorders, with a consequent negative impact on diabetes management and health outcomes.  

“Solutions within and outside of the health care system are urgently needed to address mental health in people with type 1 diabetes,” says Dr. Viviane Poupon, CEO and President of Brain Canada. “This program is aligned with Brain Canada’s Mental Health Research Initiative, which focuses on developing and implementing effective strategies that address the diverse needs for mental health care.” 

To help address this gap, JDRF Canada and Brain Canada have forged a new partnership and are preparing a call to the Canadian research community for research proposals related to the development, validation, or implementation of interventions that address mental health concerns in people with type 1 diabetes. The goal is to support the development and testing of sustainable, scalable approaches that will enable improved support for people who live with T1D and are affected by certain mental health disorders, and that will translate into better quality of life and diabetes-related health outcomes for these populations. 

“In 2021, JDRF Canada is poised to launch several initiatives focused on mental health for Canadians with T1D, and funding new research in this area is a core component of our plans,” says Dr. Sarah Linklater, Chief Scientific Officer of JDRF Canada.  

Launching in July 2021, the JDRF Canada – Brain Canada Addressing Mental Health in Type 1 Diabetes Team Grants is intended to fund two multidisciplinary Canadian research teams with grants of up to $250,000 each over two years.  

JDRF Canada and Brain Canada are committed to excellence through equity and encourage applicants of diverse backgrounds to apply. 

This funding opportunity has been made possible with the financial support of JDRF Canada’s donors and Health Canada, through the Canada Brain Research Fund, an innovative partnership between the Government of Canada (through Health Canada) and Brain Canada.