Make a difference

Advance brain research and enable investigators to push the boundaries of knowledge and make meaningful strides toward improving brain health for all people in Canada.

$25 – Better Brain Health

A gift of $25 can help support research that will lead to a better understanding of the brain in sickness and in health. Transform lives by helping researchers gain insight into the fundamental principles of brain function and dysfunction.

$50 – Better Prevention

A gift of $50 can contribute to vital research that could help prevent brain diseases and disorders by tackling the root causes of conditions such as dementia, ALS, depression and more. Fuel research that will improve countless lives.

$75 – Better Diagnostics

A gift of $75 can play a crucial role in advancing brain research that could improve early detection and diagnosis of brain diseases and disorders of the brain. Empower researchers to develop innovative tools, biomarkers and imaging techniques to transform the future of brain health.

$100 – Better Treatments

A gift of $100 can support innovative treatments and interventions for people living with brain diseases and disorders. Help researchers develop cutting-edge therapies, precision medicine approaches and novel procedures that will lead to improved outcomes and quality of life.