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The brain,
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About Us

20 years of transforming brain research in Canada

Brain Canada is a registered, charitable organization that funds innovative, paradigm-changing brain research across Canada.

Since 1998, Brain Canada has granted $250 million to 281 projects involving more than 1,000 researchers based at 115 hospitals, universities and research institutes across Canada. In recognition of this important milestone for Brain Canada, we will be celebrating the contributions of Canadian researchers to the study of the brain. Keep visiting this space and follow us on social media to learn more.


Why fund brain research?

The brain is the most critical organ in the body but the least understood. As researchers continue their exploration of the brain and delve deeper into our understanding of brain disorders, the complexity of the challenge increases, and so too does our need to join different disciplines and to pursue new thinking and new approaches.

A brain damaged from injury and disease can lead to devastating consequences. By funding brain research you are helping transform innovative and outstanding ideas into outcomes that benefit society.

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The Canada Brain Research Fund

The Canada Brain Research Fund is an innovative partnership between the Government of Canada (through Health Canada) and Brain Canada, designed to encourage Canadians to increase their support of brain research, and maximize the impact and efficiency of those investments. Brain Canada has raised $115 million from private donors and non-federal partners—now numbering more than 100—which Health Canada has matched with $120 million. By supporting our very best researchers and ideas, and nurturing the next generation in the field, we are keeping Canada at the forefront of the global quest to understand brain function and brain diseases.

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