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AID-ME: Artificial Intelligence in Depression – Medication Enhancement: A Randomized, Patient and Rater Blinded, Active-Controlled Trial of a DeepLearning Enabled Clinical Decision Aid for Personalized Depression Treatment Selection

Chef d'équipe 
  • Manuela Ferrari, Douglas Hospital Research Centre
Membres de l'équipe :
  • Gustavo Turecki, Douglas Hospital Research Centre
  • Bell/Bell Let's Talk

Aperçu du projet

We are testing a new digital mental health solution for physicians to better manage the treatment of depression. While many treatment options for depression are available, individual responses to treatment vary tremendously. Almost 70% of patients will not recover after their first treatment attempt, forcing them to undergo an often long and difficult trial-and-error process before finding something that works. The proposed tool is intended to help reduce the guesswork by matching patients to a personalized treatment plan, using the best clinical evidence available and with artificial intelligence (AI) based predictions that are specific to each patient. Our study is meant to test the safety and usefulness of the device. Based on what we learn in the trial, we will work with physicians and patients to develop guides and tutorials that will help them use the tool in the real world. We also plan to share our learnings about how to best implement AI-based digital mental health tools to support clinicians, patients, and their shared decision-making. Our aim is to improve the personalization of mental health treatment using easy to use and engaging tools.