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Cerveau, esprit et conscience

Chef d'équipe 
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Membres de l'équipe :
  • Tim Bayne, University of Western Ontario
  • Axel Cleeremans, Université libre de Bruxelles
  • Dehaene Stanislas, Inserm
  • Sheena Josselyn, The Hospital For Sick Children
  • Lisa Saksida, University of Cambridge
  • Laurel Trainor, McMaster University
  • Robert Zatorre, McGill University

Aperçu du projet

The Azrieli Program in Brain, Mind & Consciousness examines what consciousness is, and how it comes about. Fellows use advances in brain imaging, computational neuroscience and other fields to answer these questions. Research themes include the nature of consciousness, its function, biological basis, origins, and the disorders that arise in consciousness.