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Décryptage des fonctions biologiques de l’eEF2K pour le ciblage thérapeutique des tumeurs neurales

Chef d'équipe 
  • Poul Sorensen, University of British Columbia
  • Canadian Cancer Society

Aperçu du projet

In childhood, medulloblastoma (a form of brain cancer) and neuroblastoma (a cancer that starts in the nerve cells) can be aggressive and hard to treat. Dr Poul Sorensen’s group is targeting what he believes is the Achilles heel of tumour cells: namely, how they adapt and survive under stress. He has discovered that an enzyme called eEF2K helps cancer cells cope with stress and resist treatment. In this project, Dr Sorensen and his team will determine how eEF2K protects brain cells under stress and test whether blocking the enzyme will make cancer cells sensitive to therapy. This work could lead to more effective and targeted treatment options for childhood brain and neural cancers.